Shoot 4 Planet (english)

 A collective story about International Earth Day

The Earth Day story; how we celebrate our planet but, also, how we treat it

Earth Day and Shoot 4 Change make a “photographic call to arms” trough or first Shoot 4 Planet: the collective photographic storytellingof the Earth Day and its celebration next April 22nd

Everyone form professional photographers to photography enthusiasts can participate, all you need to do is upload the photographs with the appropriate hash tag and they’ll be published in our online galleries.


The photographs must either denounce its abuse or exalt its beauty.

Earth Day is the biggest pro earth manifestation, it’s the moment for everyone in the world to join in celebration of our planet and encourage its care.

Earth Day was an initiative strongly promoted by US senator Gaylord Nelson and by president John F. Kennedy before him. It’s a celebration that each year summons hundreds of people in 192 countries.

Earth Day Italy is the main partner of Earth Day Network, an NGO founded in 1970 by Denis Heyes after the first Earth Day celebration on April 22nd 1970.

This year, Shoot 4 Change has chosen to join efforts with Earth Day Italy in order to give photographic and iconographic coverage to the International Earth Day 2013, by means of a crowd-photography model, a worldwide, massive, new photographic call to arms.


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(Put this way it may sound pretentious, but…)

Shoot 4 Change (S4C) was born in Italy and has evolved into an international network of volunteers that search for and tell the stories that are ignored, underestimated or forgotten by traditional media because they aren’t considered profitable.

Creativity and unity around social commitment are the two main elements that conform Crowd-photography; a single story told collectively, horizontally, in a democratic, transparent and participative way.

Earth; preserving it, valuing it, respecting it are on their own, great topics and great stories.

S4C, as you know, likes to tell the little stories, those that change the world. Those that perhaps no one else considers telling because it could seem that they won’t make a difference. But they do make a difference; they are part of an enormous mosaic.

Telling this story will give justice to those who remain silent.

Telling stories can inspire a chain reaction of creative emulation.

Telling stories can show that it’s possible to provoke a big change through small gestures.

Telling stories can make people smile, or perhaps make them upset if what we want is to show the acts of violence and damage that are being committed against our Earth.

Telling stories moves people away from indifference.

These are the reasons why S4C wants to be a part of this. And it will do its part, in sight of what a big event it will be, by crying to an international “photographic call to arms” and collective storytelling and supported by our friends in startup SeeJay, a content management platform fed and maintained by its users through social channels.

Storytelling the S4C way, through crowd-photography, means allowing everyone to say: “I care about this and I’ll tell the small part that I play in this story”.

It will allow for a colourful mosaic. It will become a beautiful story.

One of those stories that are worth telling… together.

How it Works


This is one of our  “photographic call to arms” by means of a crowd-photography model based on the See Jay platform.


Photographers from around the world will be able to send their contribution up until the end of Earth Day.

The photographs must use the hash tags #shoot4planet, #earthdayitalia and #iearth. The photographs will be part of the virtual galleries of Earth Day Italy and Shoot 4 Change.

The photographic call to arms will take place through an Internet shared video. We ask our volunteers to keep sharing this video in order to reach as many people as possible.

The photographs can be uploaded directly (by clicking the button)


or by tagging them on social networks, and documenting the environmental conditions of our planet:


a)    in a positive way; encouraging excellence.

b)   In a negative way; denouncing deterioration.



All the uploaded photographs and those added to Instagram, Facebook, etc. with the appropriate tags will be posted on the galleries of the Earth Day and Shoot 4 Change websites and shown during the event at Milan on April 22nd (during a Web and concerts marathon).


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