Trayvon Martin and “The Epidemic”

[A story from S4C NYC. Photos:  Gretchen Robinette ; text: Rodney Angelo Ferrer]

"Unlike Oakland protests for the same issue, Trayvon Martin, that occurred on the same night , no one in NYC at this march was violent . No one but the police" (Gretchen Robinette/S4C NYC)

Once again an epidemic rears it’s ugly head on the 13th of July in Sanford Florida.

An epidemic that has insidiously plagued society time and time again with no cure in sight. Six jurors acquitted a man who committed a crime against humanity. A judicial system that is capable of advocating such a crime, is a judicial system that is severely flawed and part of this epidemic.

Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Yusef Hawkins, the Bernard Getz victims, Michael Griffith, The Central Park Five, Anthony Ramon Baez and now Trayvon Martin have all fallen due to these crimes against humanity.

The following day, on July 14th, Photographer, Gretchen Robinette took to the streets and documented protesters from New York City who marched in solidarity, in search of answers and a cure for this epidemic.

THE PROTEST :  JULY 14th, 2013/ Gretchen Robinette

The rally started at 6pm in Union Square, during which time a big argument occurred over one woman wearing a “I SUPPORT ZIMMERMAN I LOVE PEACE” tee-shirt , and one man was arrested in the street. A large group marched to Time Square , while hundreds stayed and more came later to Union Square. In Time Square , there was a sit in and a moment of silence for Trayvon , where thousands  gathered and shut down Time Square. Everyone made a general vote to march in solidarity to Harlem. For the most part, the protesters were peaceful. In exception to some  police officers who resorted to using force.

Rodney Angelo Ferrer/S4C NYC

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