Rise Up, Storytellers!

The Year is coming to an end. Some may say “finally”, others “eventually”.

Many things happened and many stories have been sought and told.

From our friends and colleagues killed in Syria and other Countries at war just to bring us the brutal truth, to those who told happy ending stories of human beings who help others who suffer.

Life happens.

Good things happen, as well as bad ones. And there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

This damn Western World economic crisis hugely impacted on our daily lives and on the view we have of Life itself and our place in it (which is good, by the way).

Rise Up by alfons rodríguez photographer www.alfonsrodriguez.com from ALFONS RODRIGUEZ on Vimeo.

Our thankfull thoughts go to all those  storytellers around the World who spent their times, notwithstanding the situation, to seek stories and bring them to the attention of public awareness.

Photography is an art; Social documentary Photography is a mission.

Those sparkles of stories are lighting up a huge collective storytelling about our World.

We are happy to share with you the wishes of one of our best friend and S4C coloumn: Alfons Rodiguez.

Enjoy his video and mind his words.

And when you’re done, rise up storytellers!


A big hug from all of us at Shoot4Change


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