Occupy Wall Street

(click here to see the complete gallery) ph: Adrian Kinloch

ph: Yelena Futeran

It doesn’t happen every day to see in New York streets scenes we, in Europe, are being accustomed to: people protesting vs the Government, people shouting their rage for bearing the burden of a financial crisis, lower,middle and upper class for once tied together by the same situation, etc.

I’m trying to see this from an European perspective. We browse the daily news, in Italy, France, Spain, everywhere, and read – all the time – about protests, strikes, rallies. It’s THE Crisis, Baby. THE BIG ONE…

Then, Media start showing what happens oversea and you finally discover that the wave is hitting back home: right at the core… Wall Street…

From the Indignados in South America to those in Spain to the Indignati in Italy…and now “Occupy Wall Street” (now in the 4th week and it’s spreading across US)

In New York City, Shoot4Change has a very cool, young and growing community of talented photographers. We asked a few of them to report what is going on.

Yelena Futeran, Grace Roth, Gaia Squarci, Adrian Kinloch just sent us a few shots and will keep us up-to-date in the following days.

(click to see the complete gallery) ph: Grace Roth

(click to see the complete gallery) ph: Gaia Squarci

Because one thing is sure: this is only the beginning


PS read this to learn more in details what is going on….

(click to see the complete gallery) ph: Yelena Futeran

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