( the road to) S4C Social Photography Manifesto

[Estratto in italiano: un post Sulla forza delle idee; sulla capacita’ della fotografia sociale; sullo scrivere insieme un Manifesto. Ma anche sulla necessita di ricominciare a pensare in maniera diversa, nuova.
E su una nuova definizione di fotografia sociale. A km 0]


Lately S4C has been massively exposed on major national Media in Italy, which has sparked a huge and interesting feedback from you.

In the last weeks we’ve been very busy interacting with many of the old and new Shoot4Change volunteers, friends, supporters. Not with all yet, unfortunately. It will take some more time….

And this made us sit back a little and think about what we are working on and how we go about doing it here at Shoot 4 Change.

S4C started as a simple idea: social change can be obtained through photography. There are countless stories to be told at a local level, that are totally ignored by mainstream information flow. Hence the motto: shoot local, change global!

Then, in a Matter of weeks (if not days), things evolved. Voice spread around. NGOs and other social undertakings started to contact us and asked to tell their fantastic stories.

Volunteers (both pro photographers and amateurs alike) started joining from all over (from Bangladesh to Usa, from Malaysia to Mexico)…and the wave keeps growing.

All on a totally voluntary and 100% non profit basis. It’s mind boggling….

We are realising that also thanks to the Internet, and it’s incredible impact on social awareness, what started out, in our intentions, as an Association of voluntary social photography, has shifted toward a real international Movement.

People crazy enough to think they can change the World; people who understand the inherent power of their cameras; people willing to go out in the streets and tell untold stories with the aim to inspire others to do the same.

We understood that social engagement is contagious; that enthusiasm is contagious; that creativity is contagious….

We start over from here

We’ll draft a new Social Photography Manifesto. We’ll simply put down what we all know and feel. A new definition of social photography….

Ideas are powerful tool for social change. But they are more powerful if they are shared and built together

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what you think; give us your definition of social photography; share your thoughts and ideas…. Send us an email with them ( at s4c@shoot4change.net )

Let’s write it together. After all we invented the term crowdphotography….

Let’s put it at work

Antonio Amendola

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