The Ladies of Myanmar

(by Claudia Micciche' / S4C Geneva)


This project was realized as part of a photo journalism project in Myanmar, 2016. 

MiccicheMyanmar_-5The project celebrates the role of women in Myanmar and their contribution to change in their country. The focus on women is used as a lens to explore participation, and to illustrate humanity’s persevering confidence in the face the unknown. The concept was inspired by the recent history of Aung San Suu Kyi, known as The Lady. Whilst celebrated as the symbol of democracy, the ongoing conflict and humans rights violations continue to raise a question around participation in Myanmar and the struggles that have not yet been overcome. 

Myanmar is perhaps the country with the youngest media landscape in the world today and marked by a harsh experience of conflict and unrest in the past decades. Yet the experience there is overwhelmed by the hope and expectations of the women I met and photographed as they look towards the future and a different life for their children and grandchildren for the generations to come. 

Claudia Micciche'

(click here to read Claudia's column on the Huffington Post)



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