Solidarity in Focus: Shoot4Change Photographer Omar Havana’s Exhibition on Refugees in Uccle, Brussels

We are excited to share that Shoot4Change photographer Omar Havana's latest work will be on display at the Wolvendael Park in Uccle, Brussels (Belgium), starting from 6 March until 26 March. This exhibition showcases the incredible solidarity of the commune of Uccle with refugees from various parts of the world. The work has been commissioned by the commune of Uccle as part of the International Solidarity Festival.

Omar Havana, a Spanish photojournalist based in Brussels, spent an entire week visiting various organizations, minors' centers, private homes, and transit centers. He dedicated his time to meeting and interacting with refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan, as well as the workers and neighbors who provide support and accommodation to these refugees in Uccle. Through his photographs, Omar has beautifully captured the spirit of the Uccle community, which has come together to welcome and support those who are seeking refuge in the area. This exhibition is a powerful reminder of the importance of solidarity and compassion in our world today.



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