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So, we started visiting Liberi Nantes training and first matches of the year. For those who might not know yet, S4C has committed to follow a few months in the life of this totally peculiar football team in Rome, entirely composed by refugees.

(Mamadou - photo: Antonio Amendola)
(Mamadou – photo: Antonio Amendola)

Afghans, Somalis, Guinea, Gabon etc. They all escaped their countries leaving terrible stories behind. We’ll tell their stories slowly, listening to them little by little. After all they are there to play soccer.

(photo: Antonio Amendola)
(photo: Antonio Amendola)

Liberi Nantes is a no profit association that welcomes and support them by giving them a chance to enjoy sport as a way to forget (altough only for a few hours a week) what they left behind and move ahead. We’ve heard about them thanks to The Hub Roma and we are thankful for this opportunity.

Join us in this and follow their stories. And, of course, if you want to shoot their stories with us…let us know!

Antonio Amendola/S4C

LiberiNantes project
(visit and read more on Liberi Nantes project page)

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