(Live from a special soccer field) PERU vs ROME

(sneak preview of an event being covered by S4C)

Me and new S4C photographer Guillermo Luna are in the Rome neighbourhood of Centocelle to follow, supporting Peru Newspaper El Commercio, a very special championship. Peru soccer team of teenagers of poor neighbourhoods of Lima, are playing vs the equivalent Teams of Lazio and Rome, among others.

It’s a special championship to promote friendship and the possibility of escaping poor conditions of life thanks to sport.

We’ll tell you more soon with a comprehensive reportage.

As always, stay tuned!

Antonio Amendola

Ps believe me, this is really live! 😉 while typing I was almost hit by a football. What a scene would it be!!!

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  1. jaime

    hola soy jaime gudalupe morales jugador de peru en el campeonato semilleros le queria pedir si me podria mandar las fotos y videos del campeonato disputado en roma seria muy gentil de su parte.
    Aqui le dejo mi correo jaime_1996_55@hotmail.com

  2. jaime

    si las pude descargar.
    muchas gracias por la ayuda que nos brindo en Italia y ojala que cosas como esas se repita muchas veces.

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