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[Piacevolissima segnalazione di una mostra di Luca Prasso e Nadia Andreini, che si autodefiniscono “Partners in Life, Partners in Vision” (non solo sono membri, e colonne, di Shoot4Change, ma hanno una loro bellissima iniziative sociale chiamata DiLuna). La mostra è in corso presso la Saratoga Library di Palo Alto e ruota attorno due temi: “Daily Acts of Life” e “Encounters”  : suggestioni di viaggi e di incontri, ed una sensibile raccolta di gesti quotidiani in giro per il mondo. C’e’ un filo conduttore che lega tutto questo… Se capitate da quelle parti non perdetevi questi…incontri]


S4C Luca Prasso and Nadia Andreini, not only columns of S4C but, above all, Partners in Life and Parteners in vision with their photo charity “DiLuna“, are currently exhibiting in Palo Alto at the Saratoga Library. Two themes:

“Daily ACTS of Life” develops around the Daily theme, as lived in many countries far from each other. Their beautiful black and white images depicts common everyday actions from Vietnam, Brazil, Morocco, Italy, Mexico and other countries.

Actions that we all can easily find in our daily life.  And the aim of this exhibit is to have us reflect on the multicultural theme surrounding us.

In juxtaposing images depicting the same action in different countries, Luca and Nadia highlight how, in diversity and distance among populations, we always find many similiarities.

“Encounters” is the other logical exhibition of Luca and Nadia, focused on travels and a tribute to those encountered along the road.

Let me add a personal comment, knowing Luca and Nadia style. Like few other photographers, they depict the World with such a light touch and elegant style.

Don’t miss it…

Antonio Amendola

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