demonstration for human rights

April 2, 2011

in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Torino and in the sites of the American and NATO forces (Vicenza, Sigonella, Aviano, Trapani, Naples) thousands of people demonstrated against the military intervention in Libya, against the detention of the migrants in the CIE (Centres for Identification and Expulsion) asking for a more human treatment of the refugees from the countries of North Africa.

Vicenza, 2 april 2011 (photo: Nando Piezzi)

The demonstrations were organized by the association ‘Emergency’ , together with many other ONGs, movements for peace and comunist parties.
The photos show images of the demonstration in Vicenza, maybe the most militarized town in Europe, seat of the AFRICOM (American headquarters for military intervention in Africa end in the Middle East).

Vicenza, 2 april 2011 (photo: Nando Piezzi)

The people of Vicenza have been fighting for many years against the overwhelming presence of the American base ‘Ederle’ and of the ‘Dal Molin’ military airport.

Nando Piezzi/S4C

Vicenza, 2 april 2011 (photo: Nando Piezzi)

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