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We at S4C believe that is important to engage a global community in a collective storytelling of those stories that are often ignored, forgotten or underestimated by mainstream media and by social awareness at large.

Noi di S4C, lo sapete, crediamo che sia importante coinvolgere la comunità in un racconto collettivo di quelle piccole storie che sono spesso sottovalutate, ignorate o dimenticate dall’informazione tradizionale, alzando così l’attenzione e la consapevolezza del pubblico.

This, usually, means crowdphotography and storytelling about social stories of individual and communities in social crisis situation.

E quindi, in genere, ciò significa raccontare – attraverso la nostra crowdphotography – storie di singole persone o di comunità in zone e contesti sociali di crisi.

This time, in collaboration with our friends of the American Institute for Roman Culture, we want to tackle our vision from a different perspective: cultural heritage. Because we believe there are tons of stories of forgotten, ruined, ignored cultural heritage around our Country that need to be told and brought up to public awareness.

Through visual communication and collective social engagement.

Questa volta, in collaborazione con gli amici dell’American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC), vogliamo affrontare e declinare questa filosofia da una diversa prospettiva: i beni culturali e architettonici. Perché crediamo vi siano tantissime storie di beni culturali dimenticati, ignorati nel loro declino, sottovalutati nella loro importanza. Il nostro Paese ha bisogno di raccontarli.

Is it possible – and how? – to foster sustainable support for archaeological cultural heritage and make contributions with lasting impact?

E’ possibile, e come, promuovere un supporto sostenibile a queste iniziative con una visione di medio-lungo termine?

We invite you all to take part to this conversation, joining the 2014 Unlisted Conference on Archaeological cultural Heritage: C4C (Conversation for Conservation) in Rome on April 10th from 4 to 8 pm at The House of the Storytellers of S4C in Via del Mandrione 105.

Vi invitiamo quindi a prendere parte alla nostra conversazione, a Roma, a casa “nostra”, il 10 aprile dalle 16 alle 20 in via del Mandrione 105.

“Through engaging and involving a wider, more diverse community—the public at large—beyond the usual expert academic and scientific circles.
It is essential to tell a good story on a global level in an accessible manner through the various channels of digital media (e.g., FB, Twitter, Instagram), to foster conversation.
This dialogue, in turn, leads to action, having a direct beneficial effect on sites and monuments because of the broad range of people and organizations involved through lasting partnerships and participation.
“Conversation for Conservation” will have a lasting, sustainable impact on the historic preservation of archaeological sites.

(Darius Arya, AIRC)

Click here for the program.

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