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C4C, Creativity 4 Change at the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels – a S4C Photo Contest

Creativity brings People together

We are thrilled and honored to announce a very interesting and creative partnership with one of the coolest art event in Europe: the Accessible Art Fair 2016 in Brussels.

ImpressionAAF's mission is to offer a platform for artists and designers and make them accessible to a discerning audience offering the opportunity to purchase quality works of art and design and meet the creators behind the work.

S4C Founder, Antonio Amendola, is part of the Selection Committee  and you are encouraged to submit your artworks (applications are now open and the deadline is May 2, 2016).

Within the Fair, S4C has been asked to run a Photography Contest with the goal of shortlisting 3 finalists whose photos (one each, of a dimension of under 2 meters) will be exhibited free of charge during the Fair.

The theme of the first edition of this S4C/AAF collaboration is "Creativity 4 Change" and is about bringing people together through art and creativity.

We believe that in times like these, more than ever, Photography plays a crucial role in documenting how creativity brings People together, consolidating a sense of belonging to "the Family of Man".

Yes, of course, THAT Family of Man, the famous and ambitious  photography exhibition curated by Edward Steichen, the director of the Museum of Modern Art's (MOMA) Department of Photography and first shown in 1955. The project focused on the commonalities that bind people and cultures around the World in times of crises.

So, we call for your Photos that document how art, creativity, innovation binds people together today.


You know S4C, our visual narrative is positive and we therefore call for positive, uplifting, inspiring single images.

The three finalists will be selected by the following panel of jurists:

- Antonio Amendola, Founder and President of Shoot4Change

- Stephanie Manasseh, Founding Director of Accessible Art Fair

- Donald Winslow, Editor of NPPA's News Photographer Magazine

and  Managing Editor of Content Creation for the Amarillo (TX) Globe-News.

Please submit your works to: a.amendola@shoot4change.net

We kindly ask you to submit medium resolution jpeg files (max 1000x dimension and 300 dpi) for the sake of the selection.

Submissions are, of course, free of charge and the three selected finalist will be able to exhibit (and sell) their works during the Fair, September 22-25, 2016 in Brussels. The finalists will not have to pay the exhibition fee.

Selected finalists will be asked to provide their prints (of a dimension of their choice, up to 2 meters) in due time and on the support of their choice.

Deadline for the submission is: JULY 1st, 2016.

The most relevant contributions to the Contest will be featured on S4C website in an online gallery.




We'll build a beautiful story out it, you'll see.

Ok, time to check in your folders or (better) go out and shoot! 4 change of course!



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