Artefacting Workshop in Rome (part 1_sneak peek)

As announced, yesterday we held the first part of Artefacting workshop in a Rome homeless shelter.
An afternoon in the life of a Homeless Shelter in Rome, with Alex White Mazzarella’s Artefacting, La Casa di Cartone and Shoot 4 Change, Using art as a way to self express, gain self esteem and spend a different evening together. Cool….

Alex started inviting the guest to use their creativity (on paper) to elaborate their vision and idea of “house”. Some drew it, some wrote touching words. They all partecipated and accepted to share their thoughts with the others.

(photo: Antonio Amendola/S4C)

The guys of Artefacting are so great in this. They sparkle something magic, with art and creativity, in those difficult situation where you really do not expect to think about art. Very cool….

(photo: Antonio Amendola/S4C)

And tonight we’re going back there. We’ll try to actually BUILD their vision with whatever material THEY will find (and we’ll walk around with them looking for the materials).

Stay tuned!


(photo: Antonio Amendola/S4C)

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