Music for Hope in Brussels

Nobody more than us at Shoot4Change understand the music can uplift souls and bring about Hope. And when it is coupled to Photography, the two become extremely powerful "weapons" of storytelling.

What a small team of Shoot4Change Brussels witnessed yesterday night in Brussels was extraordinary. 

A cozy, old atelier where a refined painter - Marcel Hastir -  used to shelter persecuted people and members of the Resistance during WWII hosted a piano concert of S4C Brussels friend Innocenzo Genna whose proceeds will go to support Emergency Belgium.

Meditative piano music, inspiring happiness and melancholy, a sense of conflict and a sense of peace. And a touched audience, eager to help Refugees, support hospitals and rescue camps for people fleeing war, and give them Hope in the future.

A crowded house mesmerized by some lovely original music of Innocenzo, allo sharing the will to help Emergency Belgium in setting up clinics and health centers in Northern Iraq, where thousands of people escaping from Iraq and Syria are seeking refuge.

Me and Innocenzo go way back together but - shame on me - this was the first time I enjoyed a public performance of his. It might not be a coincidence that the goal was so admirable.

We'll keep working together with him and all those who have important stories to tell and want to do it in a creative, uplifting way.

Antonio Amendola/S4C

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