Antonio Amendola

I’m Founder and President of Shoot4Change (S4C).

I started it as a blog. It eventually grew up to the dimension of a magazine and international no profit Organisation with thousand registered volunteers photographers, videomakers and creative thinkers Worldwide.

I’m humbled by what happened so far: it was a blog, it became a non profit Organization and it eventually ended up as a movement of amazing People willing to make the change. And be part of it.

S4C’s mission is to raise awareness and bring people’s attention to social issues and it’s an international network of volunteers working in the defense of human rights by reporting and telling forgotten, under-estimated or ignored stories: stories worth being told and shared to inspire others to do the same, with the aim of igniting a positive loop that could eventually achieve social change.

“Crowdphotography” is one of the main concept behind S4C whereas the visual collective storytelling is pursued as a true means of social control. Nowadays People are empowered with incredible tools of storytelling and can really have their say on what happens around them.

Crowdphotography is a horizontal, democratic, social, independent storytelling for social change.

Thank You for following us and for being part of it!

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