Dinner in Rome with Bruce Sterling

Yesterday evening I had the lucky chance of spending some time with our friends of FAKE PRESS in Rome in occasion of the presentation of their book REFF by Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic.

Bruce and Jasmina held an incredibily exciting evening discussing about  the REFF Book, just published by FakePress and DeriveApprodi as the latest effort of RomaEuropa FakeFactory.

Bruce wrote the preface for the book, while Jasmina wrote a contribution telling the story behind the beginning of her experiences as a writer, among networks, war, anonimity and blogs. They are dear friends and represent interesting perspectives on the main theme of the book “the reinvention of reality”.

Before having dinner with them (thank you Salvatore and Oriana!) I exchanged some views about S4C with Bruce and Jasmina and we discussed how, by giving voices to untold stories and to those authors who have not easy access to mainstream information, this would, say,  rebalance the powers in the media scenario.




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